Elevator Cables

Our management experience has successfully passed the ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 system certification. Meanwhile, HENGTONG can produce many kinds of bare overhead conductors satisfy with GB、IEC、ASTM. The cable is widely used in elevator car and control room for transmitting power, signal and image. It can effectively improve and expand the transmission characteristics of communication line, reduce system manufacturing and installation costs.
As the ever accelerating urbanization process of China, more and more high-rise office buildings and hotels are built, which brings a huge demand for super-high speed and large capacity elevators, bringing convenience both to daily life and work.

Our products mainly cover the accompanying suspension cable, shaft signal transmission cable, elevators; bring convenience both to daily life and work.And have formed products and services from cable, wire harness to control system integration, for elevator internal use and we can provide special products and solutions according to customers’ requirements.

What do we produce?

q8国际官网Flat Traveling Cable

q8国际官网Hoistway Cable

Elevator Cable Preformed Line Products

q8国际官网Elevator Compensation Chain and Accessories

Elevator Door Machine Cable

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HENGTONG, making the best of its advantages on the brand, marketing, technologies, equipment, management and the it’s team, proposes the first comprehensive application solution on wire & cables in the industry, thus realizing the transition from providing single product to offering technical solutions. At present, HENGTONG offers several solutions adapted to the specific necessities of our clients.

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